The Small Batch Artisanal
Winemaker & Distiller

Everyone has a story, and my venture stems from a childhood memory. Before cellular phones and fancy tablets, as kids in the 80’s, we collected superhero stickers and traded the common ones with our mates.

But this one elusive card gave rise to chasing my highly improbable goal: finding THOR. Again, tenacity paid off, and finally, THOR joined the ranks of my collection. I carried this lesson into adulthood.

The best things in life are always accomplished by looking deeper, trying harder and remaining persistent in achieving your dream.
My THOR motto led me to winemaking and becoming an artisan blender. And, I never stop until I have reached the ideal balance I am after.

“I have a dream… it is Rebellious, Defying, Subversive, Revolutionary, Unorthodox… it borders on mythology… it is who I am. It is THOR… it is but a dream.”

Growing up is inevitable. But keeping that inner child alive who stirs the rebel inside of you, constantly pushing the boundaries, remains the muse who guides your dreams and reminds you that daring to be different will always lead to something greater.

My journey continues as THOR Vintners & Co, crafting small-batch artisanal wines.