Capensis Classic

SOUTHBOUND craft gin was inspired by the rich biodiversity found at the southernmost tip of Africa. The quaint coastal town of Cape L’Agulhas might be a humble touristy destination, but it is home to a spectacular array of Fynbos plants.

The beauty of its bounty is only unlocked when one takes a closer look at the tiny details of the plants and their super delicate flowers and leaves. And this is precisely what we aimed to accomplish with the gin. Each bottle acts like a magnifying glass to accentuate South Africa’s signature botanicals. The Cape Floral Kingdom, otherwise known as “Capensis,” is one of only six floristic kingdoms globally. It is also the smallest and richest per unit of area, with more botanicals to choose from than any other gin-producing country in the world.

This brings us to our premium crafted gin, Southbound. Apart from the rich botanicals used to create this bespoke product, it is all about that delicate balance. Our master distiller and the blending team will hone into the finest detail of taste, aroma, character, and sensation to create a harmonious flavour and texture.

Southbound Classic pays homage to our origin and where the mighty Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. It symbolizes the equilibrium we are after in a fast-paced life, compelling us to slow down and rejuvenate the soul with a refreshing gin and tonic. The tip of Africa was the pinnacle for many an explorer, and today this origin signifies our own ambition to create a perfect product for a perfect moment. We believe this to be another testament to the Thor Vintners portfolio, the spirit addendum of our quest to create the quintessential blend inspired by nature.