Non-Alcoholic Amber Gin

The amber hue of this non-alcoholic gin is inspired by the wholesome water running down from the mountains. It was aptly named Berg(mountain) Spice in keeping with its authenticity, echoing the natural, unfiltered water, which is also the Origiin of our brand.

Berg Spice is a carefully infused blend of pear, elderflower, and Cape indigenous Rooibos, with our 100% Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Juniper H2O spirit. This is an elegant combination of flavours; the pear adding a fleshiness, the elderflower adds an aromatic lift, complete with an exotic veil of star anise & cinnamon. Every element was superbly infused with Juniper H2O spirit, forming a bold and balanced amber giin-like spirit delivering on mouthfeel and taste.

One is easily persuaded by the appearance of the bottle setting the bar for a quality product. Still, if we can offer a bit of advice, this is how you can get the whole experience and savour the sensation of a non-alcoholic product: Open the bottle and take a whiff from the delicate and slowly distilled Origiin Berg Spice. Then, decant 60ml into your favourite Gin & Tonic glass and fill the glass with ice. Finally, tease your palate by taking a small sip and filling your mouth with this unique flavour before finishing it off with 150ml premium tonic, a few pink peppercorns, and a slice of dehydrated lemon.