Non-Alcoholic Gin

It would be a sin not to bring the unique bounty of the Cape’s natural fauna and flora into play when distilling a non-alcoholic gin. The first people who walked this land recognized the healing qualities of Cape botanicals and the beautiful aromas and flavours it added to simple cooking. Therefore, we chose the refreshing combination of grapefruit, buchu & cucumber botanicals infused with 100% wood-fired hydro distilled juniper H2O spirit.

Gin lovers can expect an invigorating aroma from the citrus zest with a medley of spicy blueberry and peppermint common to the native Buchu plant. The integrity and authenticity of this product is clear as one stays engulfed in this bright combination of buchu and citrus from nose to palate. Adding to the juniper gin-like character is the smart use of chili, creating a slight burn mimicking the sensation of alcohol. All these flavours and textures are skilfully integrated, creating a lingering and moreish finish.

One is easily persuaded by the appearance of the bottle setting the bar for a quality product. Still, if we can offer a bit of advice, this is how you can get the whole experience and savour the sensation of a non-alcoholic product: Open the bottle and take a whiff from the delicate and slowly distilled Origiin Fijnbos. Then, decant 60ml into your favourite Gin & Tonic glass and fill the glass with ice. Finally, tease your palate by taking a small sip and filling your mouth with this unique flavour before finishing it off with 150ml premium tonic, a curl of lemon zest, and drop in a few blueberries to finish it off.