Petite Sirah (Durif)

The Swartland Petite Sirah, also known as Durif, demonstrates the diversity of wine styles found in the Swartland and expresses a new world wine style commonly found in Australia and California. But once you’ve experienced the many faces of this unquivering grape around the world, you will see just how well it is suited to the Swartland. If you can make it, claim it, and therefore we have chosen this wine as a flagbearer for the Thor Vintners portfolio.

If the Devil wears Prada, it will undoubtedly prefer this inky and intense wine as its luxury drink. This Petite Sirah is confident and grown on shale soils, accentuates its concentration of fruit. While being revered for its intensity, it carries the “Swartland signature” with great poise.