AGE OF THE REBEL Chardonnay / Semillon / Roussanne 2018
(Sold per case of 6 bottles)



Grapes were all handpicked and stored overnight to cool down. These grapes hail from the upper reaches of the Franschhoek valley.



The art of blending is one of those things you either just have a knack of doing or it comes with many years of experience. A lot of winemakers claim many things.. I am not afraid to claim.. that I can blend! Don’t ask me how.. I just know how. This wine is a tribute to the Master Blenders of Wine.

There is a myth… that you need to make and consume white wines as soon as possible. If you serve a white wine, not in the same year of making it… it is frowned upon? Let me tell you… and all the sheep out there – these are just crispy acidic wines with no backbone! These are commercial wines, being chased by P+L and cash flow trade systems. The true white wine kings of the world are the white wines that are made with patience and can stand the test of time – Time to be part of the Age of the Rebel!



In general, the winemaking was the same as in 2017, but the Chardonnay portion was the differentiator in this vintage. At first, I always thought that I would always make one batch.. only once, but when we made and tasted this Chardonnay, we realised that this was a different wine entirely than the 2017. So although the cultivars are the same, this wine is much richer and vibrant than its 2017 sister. The richness in fruit justified the increase in new French oak use – 70% New French Oak, 14 months in the barrel.



Creamy lemon zest, with a dash of mandarin and freshly baked vanilla pod Crème Brulee. A clean fresh grip on the morish acidity cutting through this wine like butter. The Creamy Good Life!