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(Sold per case of 6 bottles)

Badlands is our bespoke descriptor for the Swartland wine region, an arid countryside with harsh vineyard growing conditions, little water during summer and ancient weathered soils. The scorching African sun, during the phenolic ripening of our bushvine grapes, creates high Coastal acids and low pH’s, fragile, yet tanned grape skins and mouth-watering fruit with majestic grape sugars that results into the perfect storm of intense, super enhanced terroir styled wines. Badlands pays homage to the ancient Malmesbury shale soils, granite hilltop pockets & indigenous ‘renosterbos’, that turns black after the winter rains.

In this wine, we wanted to create a blend of two harsh, yet unique terroir’s. We chose to venture outside the Swartland, 260km north-west, near the Olfantsriver wine region, where the terroir is similar to the Swartland, but situated a few 100m’s away from the rolling West Coast waves for our Sauvignon Blanc. The Nouvelle and Colombard grapes were sourced from the heart of the Swartland, near Malmesbury for its concentrate sweet fruit and lower acids. The goal was to create a super quaffer litchi, gooseberry nose, with a rich, zesty mouth, but toned down acid, to create a balanced, yet refreshing pallet.

Our Sauvignon Blanc’s origin is from Koekenaap, along the West Coast, just north of Lutzville. The flavour profile is concentrated kakibos with a strong scent of fynbos and salty sea bamboo. The Nouvelle grapes were harvested from bushvines, just outside Malmesbury – Low yielding vines, gave these grapes an intense rype asparagus, gunsmoke and flinty aroma. The third grape in the blend, Colombard hails from Riebeek Kasteel with its sweet scent of goosberries and Damascus roses.

Another unique blend under the Badlands range.

Alc 12.13%
TA 5.90g/L
RS 2.4g/L
pH 3.47
VA 0.43g/L