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(Sold per 750ml bottle)


Grapefruit, Buchu & Cucumber botanicals infused with 100% Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Juniper H2O Spirit. Citrus Zest, with undertones of spicy blue berry and peppermint which is common to the native Buchu plant, is the immediate impression on the nose. The Buchu / Citrus combination creates an intriguing pearl white complexation. Strong Juniper-Gin like aromas transforms from the nose to the pallet. The strategic chilli burn and lingering pallet creates a moresish crisp, yet complete finish.

Pearl white, cloudy complexion

Key botanicals:
Juniper, Grapefruit, Buchu, Cucumber, chilli and other secret Origiin botanicals

A curl of lemon zest and a few blueberries

Key Selling Points:
ReInventing – London Dry G&T. The perfect relaxer for the perfect G&T moment #ReGiinevate