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SOUTHBOUND Craft Gin was inspired by the terroir and biodiversity of the southernmost tip of Africa and coastal town of Cape L’Agulhas, with its rich diversity of fynbos botanicals. The Cape Floral Kingdom or otherwise known as “Capensis” is one of only 6 floristic kingdoms in the world. It is also the smallest and richest per unit of area, with more botanicals to choose from in our premium craft gin, than any other gin producing country of the world..



Colour: Crystal clear
Aroma: zesty citrus character, hint of spice with a background of subtle juniper, highly
aromatic and powerful flavour
Palate: Zesty and sweet, complex taste that’s a little spicy, alluring liquorice,
refreshingly smooth



Coriander – Complex taste, spice & citrus
Angelica – Earthy & Mineral
Cardamom – Aromatic & foundation to our Craft gin
Lemon – Zest & Sweetness