Inspired Red Wine Blends & Techniques

Gentis Signature Family Range

Gentis is all about site-specific wines that are specifically crafted to tell our Swartland Wine of Origin story. To do so, we pride ourselves in a meticulous approach in both the vineyard and in the cellar, using winemaking techniques that honours the most delicate nuances in every wine. The Gentis Signature family range comprises three blends made from bush vines that celebrate the wealth of this terroir.

The wonder in wine exists where one’s incessant curiosity leads you to a deeper exploration of the land you work with that will ultimately result in the unique wine you share with the world. For Emile Gentis, a 3rd generation vintner who established the Thor Vintners brand between 2007-2010, winemaking is an ode to the land, the source from which he drew the inspiration for his Age of the Rebel series in 2017. This small-batch regional selected wines and blends were the catalysts for the next chapter in his wine journey.

“I believe in living the blend. Seeing it as a mere snapshot of a vintage dilutes its intricacy. My quest is to understand the nuances found in the grapes’ regionality, the seasons it endures, and the magnitude of soils it lives in. One can spend a lifetime finetuning the endless possibilities with vinification methods highlighting these intrinsics. But we gave ourselves three years to learn as much as possible from the different sites and the subsequent wines it can produce.”

In 2021, Emile took a leap of faith and moved his operations to the quint and soulful town of Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland. Harnessing what he learned from the terroir, he solidified his signature style by owning the name of master blender and launching his bespoke range of wines.

The Gentis Essence
South Africans are spoiled for choice. Both the character and quality of our wines are world-class. The exciting part is the journey to find a wine that genuinely resonates with you. We found our niche in the Swartland, where the core of everything we do is anchored in innovative blends and the ingenious improvisation of techniques that showcase the terroir and what we are best at. Experience and passion led us to six distinctive styles that exude their own personality. We can only hope that these will cross your personal wine journey, make waves, shake your comfort zone and become the wine you relate with most.