Swartland’s Iconic Coffee Pinotage

You’ve all been down the rabbit hole of weird and wonderful wines, but if you allow yourself a taste of our so-called Coffee Pinotage, you might just want to raise a glass to the perfect blend of terroir and technique. We’ve put the creative back in coffee-style Pinotage that made it earn its original swag and kept it a firm favourite among adventurous consumers. Emile Gentis is a leader in this winemaking style, and he proves that quality always remains vital when executed with care.

Gentis “Koffie” is made from 100% Pinotage and hails from a single Swartland site. “Koffie on the Bone” is another Swartland ambassador that transforms and elevates this category with intense black plum, fresh savoury nuances, and rich vanilla and coffee aromas.