White Blend

The Gentis White stands as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship arising from the harmonious blend of a cool climate Sauvignon Blanc and the concentrated Swartland’s bushvine Nouvelle.

The smell of white pear’s fresh, aromatic quality springs forward, accompanied by the more subtle and exotic notes of loquat, adding a touch of the unusual and unexpected.

There’s a distinct undercurrent of mineral and chalkiness, reminiscent of rain on fresh limestone or the cool touch of a river stone.
Extended skin contact has imparted a uniquely grippy, pithy set of tannins that grip the palate, providing a fascinating counterpoint to the wine’s refreshing style. It’s a dance of sensations, with the tannic grip playing off against the zesty fruitiness in a way that’s both intriguing and harmonious.

In summation, the Gentis White 2023 is an exhilarating exploration of texture and taste, uniting the best elements of its constituent grapes in a refreshing yet complex style that lingers in memory long after the last sip. A true gem for the discerning, yet popular palate.