Handpicked from one of the farms at the back reached of the Franschhoek valley – Although we can’t claim it on the label, this blend is a true Estate wine.  
    I love Bordeaux… I love St Emilion. That is where I saw for the first time, how grapes ito viticulture and viniculture come together in the most perfect way... where terroir, clones, and varietals matter. Where the perfect yield is the answer to the perfect fruit…. But most of all, where the art of blending is everything!  
    I wont go into detail about the winemaking. The 4 varietals were made on their own, as well as aged in French Oak, separately in 225 and 300L barrels. The fun and games started when we could blend the perfect Bordeaux blend.. pick and choose the perfect match. I recently heard a couple of friends speak about Niels Verburg from Luditte… he said he blends till he can finish a full bottle of his wine. The wine must drink well. Easy drinking, but with some grip.  
    This is a true drinking note! I brought a friend a sample to taste, before I botteled.. his comments “Die uitgesuigde / ingeduikte bored douw is baie nice, easy drinking, met lekker layers en net genoeg texture om weer jou neus in die glas te wil druk… Dit pair flipen lekker met die sout en peper skaap tjoppie! Hy sny mooi deur die vetjie… Thx Jomanie! A true Peaky Blinder    
    BLUE BATCH - THE MULE RUN CABERNET FRANC SMALL BATCH #2000 bottles - W.O. FRANSCHHOEK (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    A small block, estate-grown, Cabernet Franc vines in deep granite rich soils, right at the back of the Franschhoek valley. The trick with Cab Franc is to make sure all the grapes are ripe in the same block, at the same time… how do we do that… “Take one for the team!” Green harvesting at veraison is key, to take off the “late bloomers” This is the same block we used for the 2017 harvest.  
    Small Batch Artisan Wines – So I broke one of my rules! I could not help myself, but produce another batch of the same wine, one vintage later. We had such a quick sell out in the 2017 vintage, that we made some more!  
    When you have the water in the soil… the acid does not drop near the end of phenolic ripeness and your leaves still look like a novice Leprechaun’s green coat, you know you are in for a real ripe treat of flavours. Harvested ripe.. I mean ripe! Cold soak for half a day at a low pH (that is the secret!), punch downs, and some “lekka” aerations at fermentation… the same procedure as last year miss Sophy. Aged this time in 60% new French Oak for 18 months… give or take.  
    This is what makes winemaking and blending, the coolest job ever! You do everything more or less the same and end up with a totally different wine! A super quaffer +14% wine… silky smooth and ripe tannins, with a razor-sharp feathered acidity, splitting this wine into a well balanced dark chocolate Lint chocolate ball. The best of both worlds.    
    YELLOW BATCH AGE OF THE REBEL Chardonnay / Semillon / Roussanne SMALL BATCH #1118 bottles - W.O. FRANSCHHOEK (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    Grapes were all handpicked and stored overnight to cool down. These grapes hail from the upper reaches of the Franschhoek valley.  
    The art of blending is one of those things you either just have a knack of doing or it comes with many years of experience. A lot of winemakers claim many things.. I am not afraid to claim.. that I can blend! Don’t ask me how.. I just know how. This wine is a tribute to the Master Blenders of Wine. There is a myth… that you need to make and consume white wines as soon as possible. If you serve a white wine, not in the same year of making it… it is frowned upon? Let me tell you… and all the sheep out there – these are just crispy acidic wines with no backbone! These are commercial wines, being chased by P+L and cash flow trade systems. The true white wine kings of the world are the white wines that are made with patience and can stand the test of time – Time to be part of the Age of the Rebel!  
    In general, the winemaking was the same as in 2017, but the Chardonnay portion was the differentiator in this vintage. At first, I always thought that I would always make one batch.. only once, but when we made and tasted this Chardonnay, we realised that this was a different wine entirely than the 2017. So although the cultivars are the same, this wine is much richer and vibrant than its 2017 sister. The richness in fruit justified the increase in new French oak use - 70% New French Oak, 14 months in the barrel.  
    Creamy lemon zest, with a dash of mandarin and freshly baked vanilla pod Crème Brulee. A clean fresh grip on the morish acidity cutting through this wine like butter. The Creamy Good Life!    
    MEGAN MARI CABERNET FRANC / MERLOT  2020, W.O. FRANSCHHOEK (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    “For Megan Mari, our red blend of our lives” This artistic combination of South African fauna and flora has been our inspiration for this bespoke regional red wine from Franschhoek, which is dedicated to our eldest daughter, Megan Mari. This is the 3rd vintage we make our Cabernet Franc Blend from this parcel of grapes and most probably our best vintage ever. The grapes (Cab Franc and Merlot) were handpicked at phenolic ripeness, whereafter we hand sorted the grape bunches, as well as the berries. A few days of extended skin contact was conducted after fermentation, before the wines were individually packed away in 2nd to 4th fill French 225L oak barrels. We extended our barrel maturation with a few months, which I believe was the only difference in this wine, vs our previous vintages. The standout of this wine, is the seamless integration of ripe grape tannins with the French oak wood tannins. A complex wine with regional fynbos aromas, mulberry fruit and roasted bell pepper. LUMO AWARDS 2022 - Red wine of the year, Megan-Mari 2020 “The arithmetic average of 93.3 points out of 100 is indicative of the panel’s consensus of the quality of this sample. Fiona noted that this sample was a stunner with “beautiful poise and elegance”. It was well structured and harmonious with concentration and seamless integration of oak. A wine with many years ahead, which still provides a huge amount of current drinking pleasure”. Fiona McDonald Alc 14.17% TA 5.8 g/L RS 2.5 g/L pH 3.56 VA 0.65 g/L  
  • MEGAN MARI CABERNET FRANC / MERLOT  2021, W.O. FRANSCHHOEK (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    “For Megan Mari, our red blend of our lives” This artistic combination of South African fauna and flora has been our inspiration for this bespoke regional red wine from Franschhoek, which is dedicated to our eldest daughter, Megan Mari. The Megan Mari Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot 2021 vintage is an exceptional wine that beautifully represents the Franschhoek wine region in South Africa. With 22 months of barrel maturation, this wine has developed complexity and elegance that is truly captivating. Upon pouring, the wine reveals a deep, ruby red colour, inviting you to explore its depths. As you bring the glass to your nose, a distinct earthy aroma fills the air, reminiscent of the rich granite soils of Franschhoek. This earthiness is beautifully complemented by the enticing scents of black currant and bell pepper, creating a captivating bouquet that hints at the wine's character and laced with regional fynbos aromas. On the palate, the Megan Mari Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot showcases the unique combination of these two cultivars. The Cabernet Franc adds finesse and elegance with its refined tannins and vibrant acidity, while the Petit Verdot brings intensity and depth with its dark fruit flavours and firm structure. The wine is medium to full-bodied, with a velvety texture that coats the palate. The initial burst of black currant and dark berries gives way to layers of savoury herbs and spices, enhancing the wine's complexity. The presence of bell pepper on the nose translates into a subtle herbal note on the finish, adding an intriguing twist to the overall experience. The 22 months maturation in 3rd and 4th fill barrels, have imparted a touch of oak, adding further dimension to the wine. The well-integrated oak provides subtle hints of vanilla and spice, complementing the fruit-forward nature of the wine without overpowering it. The Megan Mari Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot 2021 vintage is a true testament to the exceptional winemaking skills and the unique terroir of the Franschhoek wine region. Its combination of earthy aromas, black currant and bell pepper nose, and the harmonious blend of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot cultivars make it a stand-out wine. Whether enjoyed now or cellared for a few more years, this wine promises a memorable and delightful experience for wine enthusiasts. Alc 14.71% TA 5.7 g/L RS 1.9 g/L pH 3.72 VA 0.87 g/L  

    Lara Semillon (6x750ml case)

    R1,200.00 R1,200.00
    (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    “For LARA, our white blend of our lives” This artistic combination of South African fauna and flora has been our inspiration for this bespoke regional white wine from Franschhoek, which is dedicated to our youngest daughter, Lara. Our Semillon hails from the Glenwood farm, renowned for their Semillon grape terroir in Franschhoek. We played with a bit of whole bunch pressing and keeping the wine as long as possible on its fine yeast lees, creating a big concentrated wine with a fantastic mouthfeel. The wine was allowed to undergo malo-lactic fermentation and was kept on its fine lees for 8 months. We decided not to age this batch in 3rd fill wood barrels, but rather in our stainless steel 1000L barrel tanks, with a special mix of ceramic & fire toasted premium French oak. This is a complex wine with ripe apricot, orange peel and honeycomb aromas; Integrated French oak, showing some vanilla pod infusion with a sweet honeysuckle finish. Alc 13.39% TA 5.7 g/L RS 1.7 g/L pH 3.24 VA 0.23 g/L    
    Just as Eolus ruled the winds in ancient Greek mythology, Wind Song pays homage to this powerful deity and draws inspiration from the untamed beauty of the Cape of Storms. The cool Atlantic sea breezes, blown onto the Riebeek Kasteelberg foothills, are one of the most profound terroir elements, which sets this wine apart from any other Cape Blend. This distinctive wine blend is a testament to the artistry of winemaking, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity of the Swartland region. With its black truffle aromas, umami richness, smoky nuances, and meaty flavors, it offers a truly captivating and memorable tasting experience. The harmonious marriage of Pinotage, Petite Sirah, and Touriga Nacional, combined with the influence of the Swartland's terroir, elevates this wine to a league of its own. Savor each sip and allow yourself to be transported to the enchanting bush vine vineyards of Riebeek Kasteel, where innovation and tradition converge in a truly exceptional bottle. Wind Song is a tribute to my parents, Martina & Francois Victor Gentis, who gave me the opportunity to evolve into the winemaker I am today. The Wind Song “Eolus", was hand drawn, designed & trademarked by my parents in the early 1970’s. Today, it signifies our ultra-premium Swartland Cape Blend. Each bottle was hand engraved and is our commitment to quality and exclusivity and honouring 3 generations of craftsmanship in the Gentis family. Black plum, savoury & silk infusion with rich roasted vanilla and coffee extracts. Wild black truffel aromas with a savoury hint of umami. Alc 14.0% TA 5.42 g/L RS 2.05 g/L pH 4.05 VA 0.71 g/L  
      WINEMAKER NOTES RED is a blend of premium selected red varietals that has been crafted to perfection and for pure enjoyment between friends and family – A juicy, easy-drinking, yet popular premium wine. The first vintage (2018) was sold out within 3 months of launch, with the 2019 vintage short on its heels – This year, the RED is led by Shiraz, and blended once again with some Cabernet Franc & Viognier, but given a twist with an addition of Pinotage. Our more than 20 years of blending and winemaking experience is being portrayed into this family RED blend. This wine is defined by its nose, a shier feat of blending craftsmanship, to portray a floral nose of orchard blossoms & our signature Jasmine, same as the 2018, but laced with grippier tannins that gives a lot of length in the mid-pallet. The colour is a bright purple with vibrant fynbos & cherry tobacco aromas, with a dash of spice, dark chocolate and Provance herbs. Alc 13.5% TA 5.7g/L RS 2.5g/L pH 3.58 VA 0.76g/L
    WINEMAKER NOTES The Gentis White 2023 stands as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship arising from the harmonious blend of Durbanville's cool climate Sauvignon Blanc and Swartland's bushvine Nouvelle. Holding the glass, one immediately notices its delicate lime green hue, whispering promises of the zesty, crisp and rich tapestry of flavours that lie beneath. Upon the first swirl, there's an arresting aroma that beckons, reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom. The white pear's fresh, aromatic quality springs forward, accompanied by the more subtle and exotic notes of loquat, adding a touch of the unusual and unexpected. Yet, it's not just the fruit profile that captures the senses. There's a distinct undercurrent of mineral and chalkiness, reminiscent of rain on fresh limestone or the cool touch of a river stone. This mineral profile provides a bedrock, grounding the fruitier notes and ensuring that they never veer into overt sweetness. Accolades: Gold National Young Wine Show 2023 | Gold LUMO Awards 2023 On the palate, the Gentis White 2023 doesn't disappoint. The first sip delivers a rush of those white pear and loquat flavours, lush and vivid. Yet, it's the texture that truly differentiates this wine. Extended skin contact has imparted a uniquely grippy, pithy set of tannins that grip the palate, providing a fascinating counterpoint to the wine's refreshing style. It's a dance of sensations, with the tannic grip playing off against the zesty fruitiness in a way that's both intriguing and harmonious. The finish is both long and refreshing, with the mineral chalkiness echoing in the aftertaste, cleansing the palate and leaving an indelible mark of the wine's distinct character. In summation, the Gentis White 2023 is an exhilarating exploration of texture and taste, uniting the best elements of its constituent grapes in a refreshing yet complex style that lingers in memory long after the last sip. A true gem for the discerning, yet popular palate. Alc 13.12% TA 6.3g/L RS 1.9g/L pH 3.37 VA 0.44g/L
  • SAUVIGNON BLANC, W.O. COASTAL REGION (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    The Badlands Sauvignon Blanc 2023 from mainly the Koekenaap region, offers an intriguing journey for the senses. Upon first approach, it displays an earthy, robust character, akin to freshly hewn sea kelp (Bamboes), demonstrating the wine's unique connection to its West Coast origins. Subtle undertones of Kakibos add an unexpected twist, lending an herbaceous allure that underpins the rustic overtones with an aromatic complexity. Yet, it is the wine's likeness to a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that truly captures the palate. It boasts a vibrant acidity, reminiscent of zesty lime and green apple, melding seamlessly with the initial earthy, Bamboes-like characteristics to create a harmonious balance. Accolades: Gold LUMO Awards 2023 The wine presents a strong, full-bodied experience, highlighting the peculiarities of the Koekenaap terroir while nodding respectfully to New Zealand's famed Sauvignon Blanc style. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering memory of its distinctive taste profile. The Badlands Sauvignon Blanc 2023 is truly a testament to the unique charm and potential of the West Coast terroir. True to the Badlands story, these grapes ripen in some harsh cool, yet, dry maritime conditions. It is an arid land, next to the cold Atlantic Ocean that is delivering some of the most exciting fruit South Africa has ever seen. Alc 13.6% TA 6.0g/l RS 1.5g/l pH 3.48 VA 0.44g/l
    Badlands is our bespoke descriptor for the Swartland wine region, an arid countryside with harsh vineyard growing conditions, little water during summer and ancient weathered soils. The scorching African sun, during the phenolic ripening of our bushvine grapes, creates high Coastal acids and low pH’s, fragile, yet tanned grape skins and mouth-watering fruit with majestic grape sugars that results into the perfect storm of intense, super enhanced terroir styled wines. Badlands pays homage to the ancient Malmesbury shale soils, granite hilltop pockets & indigenous ‘renosterbos’, that turns black after the winter rains. In this wine, we wanted to create a blend of two harsh, yet unique terroir’s. We chose to venture outside the Swartland, 260km north-west, near the Olfantsriver wine region, where the terroir is similar to the Swartland, but situated a few 100m’s away from the rolling West Coast waves for our Sauvignon Blanc. The Nouvelle and Colombard grapes were sourced from the heart of the Swartland, near Malmesbury for its concentrate sweet fruit and lower acids. The goal was to create a super quaffer litchi, gooseberry nose, with a rich, zesty mouth, but toned down acid, to create a balanced, yet refreshing pallet. Our Sauvignon Blanc’s origin is from Koekenaap, along the West Coast, just north of Lutzville. The flavour profile is concentrated kakibos with a strong scent of fynbos and salty sea bamboo. The Nouvelle grapes were harvested from bushvines, just outside Malmesbury - Low yielding vines, gave these grapes an intense rype asparagus, gunsmoke and flinty aroma. The third grape in the blend, Colombard hails from Riebeek Kasteel with its sweet scent of goosberries and Damascus roses. Another unique blend under the Badlands range. Alc 12.13% TA 5.90g/L RS 2.4g/L pH 3.47 VA 0.43g/L
  • Swartland Shiraz W.O. SWARTLAND (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    Badlands is our bespoke descriptor for the Swartland wine region, an arid countryside with harsh vineyard growing conditions, little water during summer and ancient weathered soils. The scorching African sun, during the phenolic ripening of our bushvine grapes, creates high Swartland 4x4 pH’s, fragile , yet tanned grape skins and mouth-watering fruit with majestic grape sugars that results into the perfect storm of intense, super enhanced Swartland terroir styled wines. If the Devil wears Prada, it will undoubtedly prefer this inky and intense wine as its luxury drink. This Bushvine Shiraz is confident and grown on Malmesbury shale soils, accentuates its concentration of fruit. While being revered for its intensity, it carries the "Swartland signature" with great poise. Aged in our signature Thor Vintners 1000L tanks for 10months with French oven toasted premium staves, this wine portrays the inky black pearl resemblance with its deep Carnelian maroon colour and distinctive bacon-kip character. Renosterbos & French Tarragon herbs, infused with smokey cigar box and whiffs of whisky chocolates. This is one of the more bolder and vibrant Shiraz’s you will find from the Swartland. Alc 13.97% TA 5.3g/L RS 2.9g/L pH 3.79 VA 0.73g/L
  • The Phoenix Petite Sirah (Durif) W.O. SWARTLAND (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    The Phoenix is an ancient mythical legend, spread over centuries of storytelling and symbolizes rebirth, renewal, immortality, healing and eternal fire (sun). The word ‘phoenix’ in Greek also refers to a purple-red color. The Gentis Phoenix is a tribute to a new vibrant, purple-red cultivar called Petite Sirah (Durif), which has been reborn from the Swartland soils and sun. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so will Petite Sirah rise to be the new Swartland champion The Swartland Petite Sirah, also known as Durif, demonstrates the diversity of wine styles found in the Swartland and expresses a new world wine style commonly found in Australia and California. But once you’ve experienced the many faces of this unquivering grape around the world, you will see just how well it is suited to the Swartland. If you can make it, claim it, and therefore we have chosen this wine as a flagbearer for the Thor Vintners and Gentis portfolio. Petite Sirah may be a small grape, but its flavour is anything but small. A good description of our Petite Sirah would be, "Big, bold and freaken memorable". This wine has a full body and a mouthfeel that is often described as chewy and intense, but offers a mix of spices, dark chocolate, caramel, liquorice and coffee. Black plum and cherry nuances come to mind, when whiffing the glass. Aged in 300L barrels, after spending more than 10 days on extended skin contact, post fermentation, has given us those grippy, yet smooth tannins Alc 14.79% TA 5.58g/L RS 3.1g/L pH 3.48 VA 0.52g/L
  • The Bishop Petit Verdot W.O. FRANSCHHOEK (Sold per case of 6 bottles)
    Bishop Dominicus de Gentis, born March 10th, 1696, was the Bishop of Antwerpen, Belgium from 1748 till 1758. Each Bishop, received the holy heraldic symbols, that can be placed “over” their family heraldic coat of arms. Below are the unique ‘holy’ heraldic symbols of Dominicus, placed over our GENTIS family coat of arms. The scarcity of such an event in your own family history was the inspiration for the launch of “The Bishop”. This wine will only be bottled every now and then, skipping several vintages and will only be crowned with its ‘holy purple’ dress coat of arms, when we feel the wine has reached the top of the ladder in our family wine portfolio and portraying the ultimate wine balance and artistic craftsmanship. Petit Verdot has always been seen as one of the holy & noble red wine varietals of the world. This wine symbolizes the Gentis family lineage, age-old wine craftsmanship & global family story. The Petit Verdot grapes was sourced and made at La Bri, Franschhoek, in combination with of our Cabernet Franc led blend, called the Megan Mari. We chose this one 225L barrel of Petit Verdot to be bottled on its own, where the rest of our Petit Verdot barrels went into our Megan Mari Bordeaux blend. Hand-picked in mid-March 2020, grapes were sorted on the sorting table and cold soaked for 3 days, before fermentation started with FX10 yeast. Our wine was aged in 3rd fill barrels and aged for just over 28 months. Elegant Provance herbs, laced with a distinct smokey mulberry fruit character on the nose. Intense graphite shavings with a defined tannin structure and epic balanced finish. Served with portaello mushrooms, with slow-braised beef short rib or rosemary Karoo lamb rack. Only 50 cases were bottled of The Bishop. Alc 15.19% TA 5.70g/L RS 1.00g/L pH 3.88 VA 0.74g/L
  • (Sold per 750ml bottle)
      Description: Grapefruit, Buchu & Cucumber botanicals infused with 100% Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Juniper H2O Spirit. Citrus Zest, with undertones of spicy blue berry and peppermint which is common to the native Buchu plant, is the immediate impression on the nose. The Buchu / Citrus combination creates an intriguing pearl white complexation. Strong Juniper-Gin like aromas transforms from the nose to the pallet. The strategic chilli burn and lingering pallet creates a moresish crisp, yet complete finish. Color: Pearl white, cloudy complexion Key botanicals: Juniper, Grapefruit, Buchu, Cucumber, chilli and other secret Origiin botanicals Garnish: A curl of lemon zest and a few blueberries Key Selling Points: ReInventing - London Dry G&T. The perfect relaxer for the perfect G&T moment #ReGiinevate  
  • (Sold per 750ml bottle)
      Description: Indigenous inspired Damascus Roses, from the organic certified far, De Poort, is the key floral note, laced with sweet driven pomegranate fruit with some blue berries are induced with our 100% Wood Fired Hydro distilled Juniper H20. The colour is bordering on Cerise oink from our Damascus roses and strategically laced with chilli, to enhance the bold sweet, candyfloss and strawberry floral aroma, to form a feminine approach, but combing with some spunk & sass. Color: Cerise Pink Key botanicals: Juniper, Demascus Rose, Pomegranate, Chilli, Blueberry and other secret Origiin botanicals. Garnish: A slice of strawberry with a sprig of mint Key Selling Points: Re-Vitalize - Pink up the Cross-Gen driven by the Pink Millenial. The perfect summer zing #ReGinnevate  
  • (Sold per 750ml bottle)
      Description: Berg (Mountain) Spice, is the amber colour inspiration from our Earth Filtered, Mountain River water, the Origiin of our brand. Berg Spice is a carefully infused blend of Pear, Elderflower and Cape Indigenous Rooibos, with our 100% Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Juniper H2O spirit. The fresh stone fruit aromas, balanced out with exotic brown spices, like star anise & cinnamon, infused exceptionally well with the Juniper H2O spirit to form a bold amber ginn like spirit with extremely well balanced mouthfeel. Color: Bronze-gold amber Key botanicals: Juniper, Pear, Elderflower, Rooibos, Chilli & Other secret Origiin botanicals Garnish: Some pink peppercorns with a slice of dehydrated lemon Key Selling Points: Re-adjust - The perfect spicy amber G&T. The perfect rellious freedom #Regiinevate    
  • (Sold per 500ml bottle)
      Description: Floral and balanced, combining classic gin botanicals such as juniper and coriander with hints of geranium and Cape floral fynbos. Color: Clear Key Ingredients: Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Geranium, Rooibos and Buchu Nose: Clean and floral with juniper and geranium Garnish: A slice of lemon and sprig of rosemary        
  • (Sold per 500ml bottle)
      Description: Refreshing and tranquil, combining classic gin botanicals such as juniper and citrus with cucumber and calming camomile. Color: Clear Key Ingredients: Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Cucumber, Lemon, Camomile, Rooibos and Buchu Nose: Fresh and aromatic with juniper, cucumber and citrus Garnish: A slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint        
  • Ceder’s Wild (500ml)

    R275.00 R275.00
    (Sold per 500ml bottle)
      Description: Spicy and intriguing, combining class gin botanicals such as juniper and ginger with clove and rooibos. Color: Light Amber (inclusion of clove) Key Ingredients: Juniper, Clove, Oak-wood, Grapefruit, Ginger, Rooibos and Buchu Nose: Herbal and aromatic with clove and ginger Garnish: A slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of basil        
  • (Sold per 500ml bottle)
      Description: CEDER'S Pink Rose is made using natural botanicals including juniper, rose and hibiscus. This results in an irresistible balance of classic gin botanicals complemented by floral notes of rose and sweet hibiscus. Smooth and sophisticated. Color: Sophisticated, gentle pink colour Key Ingredients: Juniper, Rose, Hibiscus, Rooibos and Buchu Nose: Pleasant aroma of juniper and light floral notes of rose Garnish: Garnish with sliced raspberries and a sprig of mint      
  • SOUTHBOUND Craft Gin

    R370.00 R370.00
    SOUTHBOUND Craft Gin was inspired by the terroir and biodiversity of the southernmost tip of Africa and coastal town of Cape L’Agulhas, with its rich diversity of fynbos botanicals. The Cape Floral Kingdom or otherwise known as “Capensis” is one of only 6 floristic kingdoms in the world. It is also the smallest and richest per unit of area, with more botanicals to choose from in our premium craft gin, than any other gin producing country of the world..   TASTING NOTES Colour: Crystal clear Aroma: zesty citrus character, hint of spice with a background of subtle juniper, highly aromatic and powerful flavour Palate: Zesty and sweet, complex taste that’s a little spicy, alluring liquorice, refreshingly smooth   BOTANICALS Coriander – Complex taste, spice & citrus Angelica – Earthy & Mineral Cardamom – Aromatic & foundation to our Craft gin Lemon – Zest & Sweetness


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